Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Ironic Eye Candy...

Venusain Coin Necklace
You know, when I first discovered Jalea Jalea by browsing one of my favorite daily reads, Oh Joy! I was a bit on the fence about the subjects of her work...but after analyzing them and breaking my perspective down a bit, I am totally digging the subtle metaphors that are sent when sporting one of these necklaces. From hearts with an arrow pericing through them (please do not forget the ever noticeable symbolic red color of said heart) to a silhouette of a nerve cell. Call me crazy but I have a hunch that designer Tatiana Sánchez was aiming to remind people to stay in tune to themselves and their body....I don't know, I could be wrong but that is what I gathered. I think the heart cameo shown below is hysterically ironic...forget wearing your heart on your sleeve, how about you wear it on a chunky chain around your neck, you'd be sure to remember where it was now wouldn't you? All in all, her work is beautiful and I would definitely let one of these darlings hang around my neck.....
Polohedra Necklace

Nerve Cells Necklace

Insect Necklace

Heart Necklace

Dodecahedron Necklace

Bird Necklace

Bacteria Necklace

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desmitten said...

I love her work!! And your blog!