Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Thought I'd share a few quirky necklaces I came across...

Are You Enlightened?

Well, are you...? I do suppose that is a pretty personal question that we can skip the answer to. However, I came across these really great feather earrings and had to enlighten myself on them! Created by Aya-Nikole Cook, these earrings will make any one shine. Cook's line, Haji is a collaboration of earrings, cuffs necklaces and belts constructed of various feathers and different metals. Inspired by nature, Cook has also begun working with other earthy materials such as bone, horn, wood, exotic leathers and precious metals. Pretty sure I'm going to add a pair of her earrings to my wish list...

Oooh La La....

I don't know about you but when I saw this magnificent necklace by Chanel, I was instantly amazed....and I instantly wanted it! Made of a glorious combination of gold and glass molded into clusters of dazzling feathers, this would make any woman look radiant! Don't you wish you had this wrapped around your neck? I know I sure would!


Always on the lookout for something wonderful and a bit on the outrageous side, here are a few interesting rings I stumbled upon recently. I was drawn in by the creative boundaries that were pushed by the below designers. Check out Popgloss for more exciting finds!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

So Not A Drip....

Chloe Jackson Enamel Cuff

"It doesn't matter how the paint is put on, as long as something is said"....famous words from an inspirational Jackson Pollock. Well I would have to say this bracelet is surely saying 'WEAR ME'... Known for his abstract drip paintings, Pollock seems to be one of the front runners inspiring the painterly trends of Spring 08. I totally feel in love with this bracelet...statement piece....I would say so!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Heartbroken....Hope Not

I'm always a sucker for anything with hearts....paintings, jewelry, name, if it has a heart, I'm probably going to love it. I can't pinpoint my infatuation with hearts, however maybe it's the fragile element...or maybe that everyone has one....or maybe I just like how they's a mystery yet to be solved. Regardless, I came across this necklace from a post last year from Pan-Dan's blog and had to share this piece yet again. The necklace, called "Heartbreak" was designed by Tjep. The inspiration behind this intriguing piece is charming and thought provoking. I think the thought process of analyzing the "why" element of each piece is what separates this designer team from others. Creating challenging and slightly controversial concepts that also have functionality and aesthetic appeal is part of the design ideal behind Tjep.
Not one to usually take words directly from the designer, I thought the message behind the necklace was best said by the creators, Frank Tjepkema and Janneke Hooymans...."The vast majority of jewelry that celebrates the concept of love never reveals the fragility of romantic relationships. The Heartbreak consists of a fragile porcelain heart and light yet strong titanium hammer, booth are connected and made inseparable by a titanium chain. When the broken heart will show cracks, yet it will never fall apart as there is a layer of rubber on the inside that will keep the heart together. Indeed as one will usually recover from a broken heart, the small cracks will inevitably add up and form who we are."
So true, so true.

Submersed in Subversive

It's official....I am in love....completely and uncontrollably infatuated with Justin Giunta's Subversive Jewelry. I'm still pondering what it is that I love more, the incredibly outrageous necklaces or the idea and inspiration behind them. I think the baroque philosophy that "more is more" is what gets me. Drawing inspiration from a combination of history and modern design, Giunta has created magnificent pieces of wearable art. The juxtaposition of the gemstones, charms and twisting and knotting of chains is divine. There is also a great asymmetrical element to each piece that creates an individualistic charm like no other.
P.S. Look for his diffusion line at Target

Sunday, March 16, 2008


Stumbled across these extremely unique necklaces by Stephanie Simek and couldn't resist sharing. I appreciate the creativity and think they are pretty groovy....and might want one for myself!

Hello Miss Melissa Joy Manning

As always, I'm on the hunt for original, quirky and conversation starting pieces of jewelry. I came across Melissa Joy Manning recently and fell in love with her unusual and intriguing designs. I personally love her rings that I've shown here. Her combination of material manages to create an eclectic elegance that I think is timeless.
22K Gold Druzy Agate Ring

Gold Cactus Quartz Ring

Gold Green Amethyst Cage Ring

Sterling Uruguayan Agate Slice Ring

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Wallflower? I Think Not!

There is a type of person who likes to blend....likes to fit in....likes to merge with the crowd and takes pride in being a wallflower. Then, there is the other type of person- the one who aims to be be somewhat shocking...the bold...the one to scream look at me!!
Well, I have found a few necklaces for the extrovert in all of us. These are not for the meek or mild ladies, these pieces are for the women who take life's reins into their own hands and enjoy the ride....









Sunday, March 9, 2008

Genius Gemma!

Gemma Redux! Talk about a statement piece! Gemma Redux is a clever line of industrial pieces designed by self taught Rachel Dooley. Line many designers, Dooley was looking for a creative outlet during her studies for the NY Bar Exam and found her knack may not be in the board room but rather in twisting, braiding and combining multiple metal vintage chains with organic gemstones. Her training in mechanical engineering and industrial metals with her love for vintage materials fuels her original, intriguing and purposely unique creations.
Here are a few of my favorites...enjoy!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

The Bing Bang!

I don't know about you all, but when ever I look for jewelry, I look for something the rest of the world hasn't gotten their paws on yet. I desire the unique, the interesting and the intriguing. A necklace that tells a story, or a ring that has a history is extremely fascinating to me.

One of my ultimate L-O-V-E-S in the market right now is Bing Bang. I ADORE their knack for creating rough yet feminine pieces I can't keep my hands off. The hit the nail on the head with their special touch of contradicting combinations of gunmetal and silver chains with delicate charms...I'm a sucker for anything with hearts! Ooh la la!

Check out a few of their pieces....Enjoy!