Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I Want These....

Pilar Olaverri Sliding Pin Cuff

Yes, I want these cuffs....each and everyone. I think that I would do some stacking on my left arm....I'm head over heals in love with the two cuffs from Lenny...out of this world! Which is your favorite? How would you wear it?

SURevlolution Studded Cuff

Subversive Brass Cuff with Jumprings

PONO by Joan Goodman Croc Cuff

SURevlolution Beaded Bangles

Patricia von Musulin Lucite Cuff

Lenny Spiral Cuff

Lenny Ostrich Leg Cuff

Kara Ross Zebra Wood Cuff

Herve van der Straeten Cuff

Andrew Gn Jeweled Cuffs

Subversive Crystal Crater CuffPilar Olaverri Leather Bracelet

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The King....

His last name may be McQueen, but Mr Alexander really is quite the king of the arena and it seems to me that he hit it spot on with these far out accessories for his fall collection. I will not deny the fact that some of these looks are utterly unrealistic however that is the little element that makes them what they are...sheer fun, great works of art and great entertainment. These looks could be toned down a bit for the more subtle gal but I think it's pretty wild and amusing to examine these creations. The headband could move down just a bit for the shy little lady and become a necklace if you so choose to go that route. I've been on quite the kick for accessories scattered through one's hair so I'm digging it big time. I cannot ignore the glorious chandelier earrings that these models sported down the runway either...there is an element of old world glamour combined with a touch of mystery that only vintage pieces can portray. Regardless if they are new or old, I love them and think that these looks are not for the wallflower...think you would dare?

Little Lovers....

I am at a loss of words at the moment but I wanted to share these wild Kenneth Jay Lane bangles for no other reason beyond the fact that I'm just smitten....smothered and encrusted in swarovski crystals these would be a great addition to any party girls' jewel collection...I'd like a couple of them and stack them high!

Movado My Way!!!

As I was skimming the latest and greatest issue of Instyle, I came across this little gem of a watch. I'm absolutely smitten with it's hand painted python cuff and the gold rim on the face. It's a limited edition by Movado and is surely going to be a hit....I know you could me on the waiting list!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Best of Brooklyn....

I don't know about the rest of you out there in this wonderful little world of blog land, but I tend to keep a massive running list of websites with inspiring jewelry or creations that I think would make for some interesting material...I came across an email from a really rocking co-worker of mine with a few links to a sweet shop in Brooklyn, called Cat Bird that sells really great and unique creations...I especially dig the works from Digby & Iona. Check out designer Aaron Ruff's statement about his work and jewelry in general...couldn't be more spot on if he tried....
"Jewelry is inherently nostalgic. It inspires memories and evokes stories. It is bought, sold, given, received, worn, and passed on with an emotional attachment that articles of clothing or other accessories rarely bring about. Though only 1 year old, Brooklyn-based jewelry line Digby & Iona is unique in its understanding of this: All of its pieces are imparted with an instant history that will be appreciated—and undoubtedly embellished—by anyone who wears it."

I wanted to share with you some of the pieces I found interesting and intriguing.....this "Lost Love Compass" really called to me. I think that at certain point need a little 'direction' in our love lives and this quirky charm is a friendly reminder of just that. And the detail on it is magnificent!

Designed in a group named "Instruments of Pursuit Collection", this fully functional mini telescope is pretty sweet....said to be great and "suitable for either pursuing either an object of affection or of loathing"....I found this ironic and funny...thoughts?

Cage Necklaces
Why does the caged bird sing?

Sweet Tooth Necklace

Chill Pill
For all of us who can run a little on the high intensity side, this is an ironic statement that would definitely guarantee a few laughs....

Let's Talk Tory....

I came across this new necklace from Miss Tory Burch...and I thought to myself, hmmm.....this is pretty slick. I'm very anti-Tory Burch flats just out of principle. I really prefer to avoid things that everyone and their brother and second cousin seem to have, but her jewels really floor me (as do many of her prints in her clothing line....totally smitten). I love the ethnic quality that is evoked by the multiple shades of soft leather. The gold plates with grommets bring it back to say 'I'm a classy chick even though I like to look a bit earthy". I think this would look so smart yet down to earth with a crew neck tee and faded blue jeans....thoughts?

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Flower Power....

I had to share this utterly interesting flower cuff from Marni's Fall 08 collection. It drips with artistic fluidity and silhouette shown through the painterly neon petals on the top cuff. The colors are genius, the size is spot on and it reminds me of summer...what more could a girl ask for?
Enjoy the summer weekend!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Ah Ha!

With all the Fall hats and headpieces that are showing up, I have started a hunt for great accessories that I could somehow put in my hair...I thought these hair clips were pretty groovy and unique. They have a somewhat art neauvou feel to them which is sweet and feminine and would be a great contrast to the some of the rough and tough trends that we are also seeing.....My personal favorite is the middle one...what about you?

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Blooming Love....

Check out this darling cuff poppy by Chole...this would be the perfect addition to your jewelry collection to keep the spring/summer floral trend moving on into fall. The contrast crystal details in the center of the poppy are brilliant...add this to my wish list please!


Check out this major gold flecked rocker inspired cuff by one of my favs Erickson Beamon. I dig the chunky size of this cuff and how it will fit right in with all the rough and tough jewels that are popping up all over just in time for fall...Enjoy!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Current Infatuation....

All Images From Chic Boho-Print De Mode

Thanks to one of my new found favorite blogs Chic Boho-Print De Mode I finally found these long sought after Chanel photos...check our her other posts - marvelous photography!! I am smitten with her keen eye for beautiful, special and creative design. I am 100% completely and utterly crushing on these creations by the ever clever and innovative Mr. Lagerfield. First, I'm really digging on the hair piece trend that is popping up more often than not at the moment....really inspires me to twist my locks into some sort of bouffant and stick a few of my vintage brooches in them. Secondly, I have a slight obsession with the aesthetic appeal of crosses....I am not an overly religious individual in any sense of the matter but their is something about the cross that is beautiful to me. That being said, the cross bib pictured below really gets the vote for my favorite. Lastly, the gold silk collar/bib necklace is magnificent...I think I would rock it too over a tight black crewneck t-shirt, or maybe a strapless cocktail dress? In essence, all these creative gems evoke a sheer sense of royalty, rocker chic and an iconic style that I think all of us fashionists crave to achieve...

Friday, July 18, 2008

Cocktail Hour Anyone?

I know I've been on a rampage of reviewing the fall collections but I do love to focus on other wonderfully talented, creative and innovative designers. Check out these wacky yet still wearable pieces from Mason Martin Margiela. Not one to turn down a cocktail (or two) I thought these pieces had a humours punch to them. I'm personally partial to the cork necklace...and might like one of these gem's of my own....enjoy!


Get ready for a futuristic fall my friends....after close examination of many of the top designers fall 08 collections, the jewels are down right funky...right up my alley! Always an innovator, Marc Jacobs had some pretty rocking pieces that were flaunted down his runway for this season. Despite the vast size of these pieces, the color combination of silver, grey pearls and crystal creates a subtle (if you can say that) vibe. I'm stuck between a rock and hard place on which piece take the cake for my favorite...the toss up is between the massive silver neck cuff (how smashing would that look with just a simple black crewneck tee???) and the crystal and pearl cuffs? Thoughts?