Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Ra Ra Rodarte....

The sister combo of Kate and Laura Mulleavy really sparked my interest with their latest collection for Rodarte…self described as nerds but I have to disagree as this collection was far from ‘nerdy’. The futuristic vibe of the Spring 09 collection was inspired by Laura’s somewhat radical point of view that humans’ travel through space helped art bloom on earth and that we all saw the world from a different perspective following space travel. Whatever it was that inspired them, aliens sending the duo secret messages to their own point of view, it was quite cool and well done. The transition of the color palette from nude to color blocks to rocker black to organic watercolor printed fabrics was executed beautifully. I think the main characteristic of this collection that was really great was that it had a tough girl feel to the clothing which is quite controversial and different in comparison to the majority of other spring collections. The interesting details of the wide open weaved fishnets, chunky knits twisted with chains to the addition of leather were attributes that contributed to the interesting appeal of this collection. What do you like for spring? Frilly and feminine or something a bit more urban?

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vicki archer said...

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