Wednesday, February 4, 2009

All In The Detials....Part II: Valentino

For part two of the Couture Show recap I choose Valentino. I’m infatuated with a multitude of elements from the entire collection that I don’t know where to begin! First and foremost, the color palette was a fantastic medley of jewel tones that evoked a richness only achievable by one of the greats. From the accordion pleats to intense folds of the dresses, the intense details are quite amazing. In addition to the clothing, I’m particularly smitten with the styling of the models…the slicked back hair creates a great canvas for the artfully crafted eye shadow. The overall tone of femininity was successfully executed and I cannot wait for next seasons collection….


vicki archer said...

A sensational collection - that green coat would be my pick to take home ....and everything else as I am a greedy little thing! xv

Couture Carrie said...

These detail photos are exquisite! Loving:
- the rose effect of the gathered fabric
- the blue heels
- the purple eye shadow



La Couturier said...

i absolutely love valentino. & the makeup was amazing!

La C.

atelier said...

it was very cool that Valentino was there... when he never attended a Fachinetti's show...

Kira Fashion said...

Every time i wear a red dress I remember Valentino and I love it! very sexy female!
a kiss for you friend!!