Monday, March 17, 2008

Heartbroken....Hope Not

I'm always a sucker for anything with hearts....paintings, jewelry, name, if it has a heart, I'm probably going to love it. I can't pinpoint my infatuation with hearts, however maybe it's the fragile element...or maybe that everyone has one....or maybe I just like how they's a mystery yet to be solved. Regardless, I came across this necklace from a post last year from Pan-Dan's blog and had to share this piece yet again. The necklace, called "Heartbreak" was designed by Tjep. The inspiration behind this intriguing piece is charming and thought provoking. I think the thought process of analyzing the "why" element of each piece is what separates this designer team from others. Creating challenging and slightly controversial concepts that also have functionality and aesthetic appeal is part of the design ideal behind Tjep.
Not one to usually take words directly from the designer, I thought the message behind the necklace was best said by the creators, Frank Tjepkema and Janneke Hooymans...."The vast majority of jewelry that celebrates the concept of love never reveals the fragility of romantic relationships. The Heartbreak consists of a fragile porcelain heart and light yet strong titanium hammer, booth are connected and made inseparable by a titanium chain. When the broken heart will show cracks, yet it will never fall apart as there is a layer of rubber on the inside that will keep the heart together. Indeed as one will usually recover from a broken heart, the small cracks will inevitably add up and form who we are."
So true, so true.

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